M8-Prime Plus


150m measurement range, multi layer LiDAR with 360º (h) & 20º (v) field of view with multi echo technology.

Common Applications

Navigation & SLAM
Smart City

Operation Benefits

Indoor/ Outdoor - Outdoor
Range - 150m
Horizontal Scan Window - 360º
Vertical Scan Window - 20º (+3º/-17º)
Communication - M12 Connector - 100/1000Mbps Ethernet
Dimensions (d x h) - 103mm x 98mm
Weight - 850g

Technical Information

Technology - Multi Layer LiDAR
Range - 150m
Field of View - 360º (h) x 20º (v)

(*Price includes a 5m accessory kit)

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Product details

The M8-Prime Plus LiDAR sensor features a wide field of view, 150m measurement range, high accuracy and fine resolution to reliably solve the most challenging real-world applications - even in harsh environments.

  • Range - 150m
  • Field of View - 360º (h) x 20º (v)
  • Resolution - 0.033°- 0.132° (frame rate dependent)
  • No of Layers - 8
  • Scan Speed/Frame Rate - 5-20Hz
  • Multi Echo - Yes - 3
  • Type (2D/3D) - 3D Multi Layer
  • Supply - 24VDC +/-1.2V
  • Nominal Power - 16W
  • Output - 430,000 points per second (1 return), 1.3m returns per second
  • Weight - 850g
  • Accuracy (1σ at 50m) - <3cm
  • Operating Temperature - -20ºC - +60ºC
  • Detection range - 150m
  • Detection range at 10{de8189a02f1fdbfc9be933d6a1d7d9c482cee65a395231c786cc6a57373c40fe} reflectivity - 53m
  • IP Rating - IP69K
  • Connections - M12 Connector - 100/1000Mbps Ethernet
  • Operating voltage - 24VDC +/-1.2V