Top of the range 30m LiDAR with Ethernet connectivity and multi echo technology. Ideal for all types of applications where data filtering of dust, fog, rain are required.

Common Applications

Outdoor SLAM
Outdoor AMR

Operation Benefits

Indoor/ Outdoor - Outdoor
Range - 30m
Scan window/ angle - 270°
Communication - Ethernet 100Base-TX SCIP 2.2
Dimensions (l x w x h) - 62mm x 62mm x 87.5mm
Weight - 210g

Technical Information

Technology - Time of Flight
Range - 30m
Field of View - 270°

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Product details

The UTM-30LX-EW adds additional functionality to that of the indoor UTM-30LX model. The unit provides Ethernet connectivity for faster data processing capability & has an IP67 protective structure which opens up additional applications in more challenging environments. The unit also has multi echo technology that provides up to 3 returns per scan. This enables the user to filter measurement data in challenging conditions – rain, snow or fog for example and get greater measurement reliability as a result.

  • Range - 30m
  • Field of View - 270°
  • Resolution - 0.25° (360°/1,440 steps)
  • Scan Speed - 25ms (rotating speed of motor: 2400 rpm)
  • Multi Echo - Yes - 3 echoes
  • Type (2D/3D/RADAR) - 2D
  • Supply - 12VDC ±10% | Max: 1A, Normal : 0.7A
  • Output - Synchronous Output 1 point
  • Input - N/A
  • Weight - Approx. 210g (excluding cable)
  • Accuracy - 0.1 – 10m : ±30mm, 10 – 30m : ±50mm (White Kent Sheet), Under 3000lx : White Kent Sheet: ±30mm(0.1m to 10m), Under 100000lx : White Kent Sheet: ±50mm (0.1m to 10m)
  • Operating Temperature Range - -10ºC to 50ºC Less than 85% RH (Without dew, frost)
  • Detection range - 0.1 to 30m (White Square Kent Sheet 500mm or more) Max.60m
  • Repeated accuracy - 0.1 – 10m : σ <10mm, 10 – 30m : σ <30mm (White Kent Sheet) Under 3000lx : σ = 10mm*¹ (White Kent Sheet up to 10m) Under 100000lx : σ = 30mm*¹ (White Kent Sheet up to 10m)
  • IP Rating - IP67
  • Connections - Power and Synchronous output:2m flying lead wire, USB:2m cable with type-A connector
  • Light source - Semiconductor laser diode(λ=905nm); Laser safety Class 1(FDA)
  • Beam diameter - Approx.φ400mm (at 30m)
  • Supply voltage - 12VDC ±10%